Time's Up

Time's Up is book that had to be written. After my first book, I had many people asking me questions about Bible prophecy. Because Chip'ed is fiction, something's do not line up totally with the Bible. So, I took my twenty plus years of research and I put them all together. When I did this my world was turned upside down. I now see the picture more clearly with most of the pieces in place. I had to change my beliefs on certain issues. If you read my first book and then read this book you will see that my views have changed on certain issues. There are a few scriptures that still have me puzzled and I say that in my book. I believe we will all see the true picture of God's plan as it unfolds before our very eyes. I believe we should have a heads up on future events. The Bible as predicted over two thousand future events through prophecy and over a thousand of them have already come to pass. Trust me when I say, the rest is coming soon.