My first book "Chip'ed" was written as a movie script and it should be read that way. I was watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno one night, Jay had segment called "Sold or Not Sold". It was about people who went to the Hollywood Pitch Week. Some of the stupidest movie ideas were sold. That was when I decided to use my Bible prophecy notes to write a movie centered around the mark of the beast. It was a fun book to write. I tried my best to keep it in line with the Bible. I have more characters and side stories that I am saving for the movie. When you read this book your mind will begin to think of more thinks that could be going on. This book could easily become a miniseries for TV or two movies.

Chip'ed will take you into the future where the banks begin to use a chip implant for the new debit card. Soon the government begins to force people to get the chips for food stamps and social security payments and more. The Christians refuse to take the chip which causes problems for the soon coming anti-Christ.